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SQL 2005 performance and SP1

Has anyone found that installing SQL 2005 SP1 resolves any performance problems that they were having? We have many complex queries that are doing a lot more IOs under SQL 2005 than they were under SQL 2000. I have found ways to make some of these queries perform better but others are particulary troublesome. I am wondering if the SQL query engine will behave better after installing the SP1 service pack. Has anyone found this to be true? Thanks in advance.
It is a good practice to install SPs as those intended to incerase performance and fix identified bugs —————————————-
True without testing the implementation its hard to tell, as every environment is different to other and depends upon how your SPs & queries are optimized. Satya SKJ
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We have installed SP1 and it does not help with our complex queries. The main problem we are having is with joining with derived tables. In SQL 2000, the optimizer picked the correct indexes. In 2005, it does not.