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sql 2005 + sql 2000 clustered

Hey everybody ,
as soon as sql server 2005 production has been released , we wanted to migrate to sql 2005 ( but at first glance sql 2005 seemed to be slow , lots of bugs ..etc ) so we had to go on with sql 2000 until something changes in future . now , we have our 2 node 64 bit cluster with windows server 64 bit + sql 2000 64 bit running as a production . in the coming few days , a Microsoft expert will come to review our environment for the sql server 2005 testing to provide advice on migrating to sql 2005 and give any notes on the environemt . So , we should install a clustered instance of sql server 2005 on the production server side by side with sql 2000 . what is exactly needed to accomplish this task , and what considerations should i take into account . I read that i must create a new cluster group with resources isolated from any other virtual server . Regards
Linkhttp://www.sql-server-performance.com/clustering_resources.asp is best one to go about it and come back here to get the resolution. Satya SKJ
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i would think that the initial issue is how your application behaves with SQL 2005
a separate issue is SQL 2005 clustering if so, then the most important thing is to provide a completely separate server system with SQL 2005,
for this round of evaluation, i do not think a separate clustered environment is required