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SQL 2005 x64 setup files

SQL 2005 x64 setup files ? I’ve got Windows Server2003 R2 Enterprise x64 edition installed.
It’s a Xeon Server. I’ve installed SQL 2005, but it seems it’s the x86 version running in WOW enviroment.
Not the 64 bit version. I don’t know if I’m missing something or I need another set of SQL installetion files. Because I’ve got two sets of files for all the tools except the server ones. For example, I’ve got sqlncli.msi and sqlncli_x64.msi. SqlWriter.msi and SqlWriter_x64.msi. But for the server files, SqlRun_SQL.msi and SqlRun_AS.msi I’ve got no _x64 installation files. Am I wrong with the setup files ?
Do I need a x64 version of the installation files ?

I think you need x64 based installation files in order to get 64 bit edition.
I suggest to look athttp://www.microsoft.com/sql site for relevant information. Satya SKJ
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