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SQL 2K SP3 Scripts

Does anyone know what the 7 scripts are called that are executed during the SP3 install? One of our SP3 installs ran all the way up to the last step, but it failed to execute the 7 scripts. There are a lot of sql scripts included, and I am trying to find out which 7 are run at the end of the install so we can run them manually. @@version returns 8.00.760, but I want to make sure we are fully installed. Thanks -dataninja- "The normalcy of a database is inversely proportional to that of it’s DBA."
Not sure specifically but I am fairly sure it is one of the repl*.sql scripts. However, my recommendation would be to run the install fully again rather than trying to step through what might not have been completed. Just my thoughts. David
Check for SQLSTP.LOG under windows directory, where you can find set of events logged while applying SP. If the version reflects the 8.00.760 which resembles it has SP3 installed. _________
Satya SKJ

..but be careful! Upgrading sql7 to sql2000 my upgrade process crashed. A bunch of scripts were not run, however, the sql server did report @@version as being 2000. But some of the client tools were not upgraded properly, and the server ended up in a bit of a mess. Manually running the scripts did not fix this fully
Chappy I believe originator is after SQL 2K SP3 not about Upgrade process. _________
Satya SKJ