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SQL 2k Standard on NAS system

Hi guys, I am working with a company that is looking at implementing a SQL server standard (sp4) install onto a NAS system. Had a look on Microsoft and they talk about switching on trace flags etc….. Anyone had any experience of doing this? Is it ok or should we not even be considering it? The warehouse is relatively small but has scheduled out of hour bursts of intense write and fairly continuous reads throughout the day. All comments gratefully received.
if you are doing a datawarehouse, even small one, you will still be reading entire tables in a single query, which means you want reasonably high through put to disk a NAS over a single 1GbE should do 50-100MB/sec
a simple direct attach dual channel SCSI can do 500MB/sec so why is a NAS being considered for a DW app?
Thanks Joe….Guessed this would be the response but wanted to make sure. Essentially, they are looking at consolidating their file storage. I believe they are also looking at SAN….have been trying to push them in this direction but hand’t ever used NAS – so I wasn’t sure how strongly to dissaude them. Very helpful – cheers! Petew
even SAN’s don’t cut the mustard in DW,
8 SCSI disks on 2 U320 channels can do 500MB/sec,
i think it will take 20-50 disks in a SAN to that, at much high cost