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SQL 2k upgradation

hi this is kind of new project for me.
there are 19 development and testing servers and they contain almost 500 databases.
Out of those 500 almost 300 needs to be upgraded to SQL2k as production DBs are getting upgraded. All of these 300 are scattered on 19 servers. So finally there will be 10 servers running on SQL2k and 9 on SQL7 (numbers are not final) what should be the best plan for this.
right now i am making list of all DBs, size of each DB, jobs and DTS packages. Any help is welcome.
Thank You
Thats really a number to takeup the job [8D].
As always I refer and prefer thishttp://www.sqlteam.com/item.asp?ItemID=9066 link before upgrading the databases from 7 to 2000.
If not you can use simple BACKUP/RESTORE task to complete the process. HTH _________
Satya SKJ

If some server who actually run SQL7 will run SQL2000, upgrade is automatically when you install SQL2000 over SQL7.
Other case, you have to list users and permission plus data you allready are linsting. Any case don´t forget to update statistics. See also:
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