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sql 7.0/windows 2000 vs sql 2000/windows 2003

Hi All, This may be a silly question but I would like to get some info from those of you who have upgraded. All other thing being equal, what kind of performance gain (if any) should I expect
from upgrading a windows 2000/sql 7.0 machine to windows 2003/sql 2000. Thanks in advance for any insights, Elky

I get more performance in two ways.
1) with sql2000 compare with sql7.
2) with w3k compare with w2k Luis Martin
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Can you quantify the difference between w2k and w2003 ?
Ive upgraded from 2k to 2003 and not noticed any real benefits! v7 -> 2000 includes quite a few performance enhancements, a significant one it its ability to cache execution plans for parameterised ad-hoc queries (which arent stored procedures). If your server services application code which embeds sql directly into the appliaction code, this can be quite a benefit
The performance and scalability improvements in Window 2003 practically scream "server consolidation," with many of the product’s enhancements coming from major scheduling, memory management, and I/O improvements. If you’re running into performance or scalability ceilings in Win2K Server or you want to consolidate servers to save money, Windows 2003 is a no-brainer. http://www.sql-server-performance.com/operating_system_tuning_w2003.asp for information and performance tips. HTH Satya SKJ
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