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HI, I just need some information regarding SQL adminitration. We are having Prodcution Database and Development Database on the same machine,We are also having all the Backups(prod & dev) also on the same single machine. But now I want to request for a new box so that I can have prodcution and Development on different box. Please input your ideas on this and what are the considerations I have to look for, to do this job.
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YOu can set DEV box have same settings of PROD .You shud be more concentraing on moving DBs to new server.Same site has lots of article on this .
You must have a different Servers for production and development, otherwise it is risky when the developers are tend to delete or change any schema on production without proper controls. Refer thru these articles and deploy as suggested:
http://vyaskn.tripod.com/sql_server_security_best_practices.htm Satya SKJ
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