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SQL Agent mail check

Hi, I’ve set up local alerts on all my SQL Servers to send mail to the DBA whenever the alerts are raised. The problem is that if SQL Agent mail stops working on a SQL Server, I don’t get any emails to say that alerts have been raised. I want to set up a monitoring job to check that SQL Agent mail is working correctly on my SQL Servers. I’d like to have a local table that is updated say hourly with a "mail sent successfully" or "mail failed" bit that my central monitoring server can poll and alert on, but xp_sendmail uses SQL Mail and I can’t think of a way to test sending mail using SQL Agent mail. Does anyone have an idea how I do this? thanks,
Lesley Lesley Gilmour
Ensure to enable the SQLAgent to restart if stops unexpectedly, using SQLagent properties.
This may avoid missing alerts when SQLAgent is stopped. HTH Satya SKJ
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