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SQL and Token Ring

Anyone have any pros/cons with running applications across a token ring network that use SQL to house the database?
Token ring is the IEEE 802.5 standard that connects computers together in a closed ring. Devices on the ring cannot transmit data until permission is received from the network in the form of an electronic ‘token’. The token is a short message that can be passed around the network when the owner is finished. At any time, one node owns the token and is free to send messages. As with Ethernet the messages are packetized. The packet = start_flag + address + header + message + checksum + stop_flag. The message packets circulate around the ring until the addressed recipient receives them. When the sender is finished sending the full message (normally many packets),he sends the token.
An Ethernet message is sent in packets too. The sending protocol goes like this:
wait until you see no activity on the network .
begin sending your message pocket.
while sending, check simultaneously for interference (another node wants to send data).
as long as all clear, continue sending your message.
if you detect interference abort your transmission, wait a random length of time and try again. Token ring speed is 4/16 Mbit/sec , Ethernet – 10/100 Mbit/sec
For more info seehttp://www.flgnetworking.com/usefuli4.html Luis Martin
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Thanks Luis.
One of our clients is running a token ring LAN and they are experiencing slowness and performance issues in our application. Other clients that use ethernet are not having problems. I’m just curious if this is something a lot of people have performance problems with. Our client in question has 105 users.