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I am trying to install and configure Office Server Extensions on our web server, but when I configure them and put the information about the discussion server and press next it bombs on me. I already created the database and gave it a user name and password. I tried to look up the error message and found only one that seemed like it was close. Our SQL server is set up with SQL Server and Windows authentication mode. The fix for the error I found says that I thought edit SQL Server Registration properties and change under Connection from Windows Authentication to Use SQL Server authentication. I want to try this and see if this fix works to configure the OSEs correctly. My question is can I change SQL server to Use SQL server authentication without any problems with the other databases or will someone logging into the server be blocked from access the database they need? Thanks
I don’t think the similar issue you have found is applicable in your case. When you have SQL Server set to use SQL Server and Windows Authentication, both types of users can easily access SQL Server. What you might want to check is to see if you are using a domain account for your SQL Server services, and if so, if this account has local admin rights to the server. If not, give this a try. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP