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SQL Authentication Password Case sensitivity

Whenever we use the SQL Server Authentication to connect to the SQL Server, the password we supply, is it case sensitive or we have to set some option to make it case sensitive
no it is not case sensitivity
AFAIK the password for a SQL login IS case sensitive.
Are you sure???
my sa password is ADTSA but i tried by using different combinations
adtsa, aDtSa
all works!!!

I agree with Adriaan as at our end they are.
It is recommended to have mixed case passwords with a few numbers. Satya SKJ
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my server is also works even when i tweak my ‘SA’ password . thus i am also agreed with dinesh password is not case sensitive. hsGoswami
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As far as I know passwords are case sensitive if you selected a case sensitive collation during install (thus affecting the master database). If you selected a case insensitive collation you have case insensitive passwords.

I agree with Agryle, Password is case-senstive or not totally depend on collation settings of SQL server. To find what collation settings are active on SQL server use below SP. sp_helpsort
Displays the Microsoft® SQL Server™ sort order and character set.
This is the result set. Server default collation
Latin1-General, case-sensitive, accent-sensitive, kanatype-insensitive, width-insensitive for Unicode Data, SQL Server Sort Order 51 on Code Page 1252 for non-Unicode Data. Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
yeap, i got it
SELECT * FROM ::fn_helpcollations() will list collates with their case sentinveness
thankx guys