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SQL Backup and verify… what happens when….

I have a question for you DBA gurus. Lets say our database backup starts at 12pm. It takes 1 hour to backup then it has to verify itself. The verify takes 1 hour. After the verify is completed does the data added to the transaction log during the time the backup was running get applied to the backup? In other words, at 2pm do we have a complete backup or do we have a .bak file w/o data changed since 12pm? Thanks in advance!
In SQL Server 2000, the backup is of the time it completed, not the time verification was completed. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Using database maintenance plans you can verify the status of the media for that backup and as Brad stated SQL will not stamp the verify status of that backup. The transaction log will record all the activities in the database from the last backup performed.
So in your case at 2pm you will have changed data from 12pm in the transaction log. Satya SKJ
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