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SQL backup takes 2 times longer on faster server

I have 120 G db which takes 1 hour to backup on server with 4 G of memory, 4 physical spu. RAID 5 where backup being saved Now when I restore the same db on our new server :
8 G of ram, 8 physical processors , RAID 5 for backups as well it takes 2 hours to backup this db. The second server is connected to SAN ds4000 – when first one has HP raid aray controller attached. What might be affecting backup time?
Check this blog article out form Tony Rogerson, maybe you need to adjust blocksize. http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/tonyr…tabase-5x-quicker-using-blocksize-option.aspx
That should give you more information, but have you captured any PERFMON counters for further assessment during this operation. Satya SKJ
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