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SQL client tools license

Anyone seen this?
Q. Do I need a separate license to run the SQL Server tools and analysis services?
A. No, a separate license is not required. However, any device that has SQL Server tools or technologies installed must have a valid SQL Server license. Strange that they would state you need a seperate license to have the tools on a seperate server…

I suppose there is some misstake.
Luis Martin
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For a better clarification its better to contact MS directly. Satya SKJ
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SQL Server Express is free, other editions are not. Analysis Services is a component of SQL Server, as are SSMS, Reporting Services and Notification Services.
SSMS Express cannot manage Analysis Services, Integration Services, SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition, Notification Services, Reporting Services, or SQL Server Agent. A client access license is required to use SSMS Express Edition, but otherwise it can be downloaded and used for free: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/…59-57a4-455e-a2d6-1d4c98d40f6e&displaylang=en