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SQL clustering without a SAN

I am currently testing SQL 2K5 with sp1 and interested in the clustering implementation. Here is a list of my questions.
1. I believe SQL 2k5 standard version includes the clustering and DB mirroring features. Am I correct? Microsoft doesn’t have a trial version for SQL 2k5 standard and only has trial version for the enterprise version. I just want to make sure that while testing them in enterprise version, I would have the same expectation in the standard version. 2. Can I implement some sort of failover clustering on two SQL servers without a SAN? I am thinking if I can have the primary databases on one of the nodes and the second node contains a secondary copy of the same databases (synchroized by replication, for example) so in case the primary computer failed, the failover will occur to the secondary server. 3. If #2 is not doable, the alternative is using the database mirroring feature? Thank in advance for the help. Wingman
Yes, 2005 standard edition supports clustering (2 nodes only) and mirroring. Test clusters can be created with SANS, shared SCSI devices, or by using Microsoft Virtual Server (see article on this website on how to do this). Mirroring can be easily tested by creating two instances of SQL Server on the same box and using them for the test. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP