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SQL collation

We have a database with SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS collation, we want to change this to Turkish_CI_AS collation, after we change the collation of the database, and then all the columns in all the tables to Turkish_CI_AS , all the characters still stay the same and the turkish characters are not displayed, if we enter new data then it’s not a problem we can see the right turkish characters, the problem is with the old data in the database, is there a way to convert this old data and display it with the right Turkish characters? any help will be greately appreciated. Fulya
Perhaps update each relevant column with a statement like this: UPDATE MyTbl
SET col1 = CAST(col1 AS VARCHAR(100) COLLATE Turikish_CI_AS) I guess the proper way would be to create an empty copy of the database, with the correct collations, then copy the data.