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SQL Consolidation HA Scenario

Hi,all: Planning on a consolidation effort on an Active/Active HA cluster for SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Will be 64-bit OS and SQL.
How many instances is best advisable? Not to exceed — Can we put 5 and 5 on each node?
No issues with side-by-side mixed sql environs ie 2000 and 2005?
Any other advice? THX!
It may be problem with running SQL 2000 and 2005 in active/active scenario, its better to have them seperately, tools & other components in SQL.

Thanks for reply cb, can you clarify as to what type of problems could occur? MS claims that, in general, 2000 and 2005 can reside side-by-side – Is this different for clusters (assuming that both 2000 and 2005 are 64-bit editions)
In HA scenario it is better to differentiate 2000 and 2005 versions for the ease of providing disaster recovery. Even though the SQL binaries are independent there will be problem with default and named instnaces of cluster, having with SSIS on top of that adds more complexity to the DR position. We have had such scenario where 2 32bit instances of SQL 2000 and 2005 created a mayhem, at the end MS Support suggested to install the both versions independently on seperate machines not on the same. In my experience there should be additional provision for ACtive/Active scenario where the performance is important and at the same time DR position too. I don’t think there is such reference on Technet or any other place for such information, but if any such there I will update you. Satya SKJ
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