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I currently run several Access database front-ends with an Access backend. I am planning to upscale to SQL Server for the back end, but during a trial run I found the performance with SQL Server to be very poor. I know its how my databases are designed, and I keep reading that to get good SQL performance, NEVER use Access as a front-end.
So the question is, what should I use as a front-end? I do a lot of web development in ASP and ADO, but no "real" programming. I am not opposed to learning a more powerful language, but I would like some suggestions before I get started.
With the .NET framework from Microsoft, you can choose any of the supported languages that you feel most comfortable with. Of course, if you want a web front-end, then ASP or ASP.NET is a good choice. If you want a standard front-end (fat client) then VB, VB.NET, C++ or C# are all options. Any of these front-ends, used properly, will allow you to get the best performance from SQL Server. And as you mentioned, you may also need to redesign your database to get the best performance. It is never fun to start over, but sometimes you have to. In fact, I wish most of the vendors of the end-user applications I support at my day job were rewritten from scratch instead of constantly being patched.
Brad M. McGehee
I’ll second Brads’ statement. I think if you’re using Sql-Server then .netwould be a great place to start, may be get to grips with some vb.net.
There’s actually more support for data binding in .net than in their previous software and with great ease so it shouldn’t take too much to get you going.
Redesigning your database would probably be the first place to start though.. Cheers
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I believe its strongly recommended to use .NET as front-end from SQL 2K onwards as YUKON would be more similar to .NET facial. I have seen similar discussion under SQLMAG forums. Pretty interesting and informative. Satya SKJ