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I wonder if you can help me. i am unsure if this is the correct forum but what the hell. i am specking up a server to run SQL 2005 standard to run our SAge database. as well as a few other data bases. i am looking @ the DL385 G2 with duel duel-core opterons 8gb ram 4x 72gb 15krpm SAS hard drives in a raid 5 and 2 10k drives in a raid 1+0 and 512 BBWC enabled raid card. unfortunately the sage database will not run in 64bit mode so i am havig to stick to windows enerprise 32bit. Would you stay with the Opteron or change the server to the duel Quad-core xeon cpus everything else will be the same
6 disks is seriously under powered for a db,
plan on getting 1 external storage unit of 10-15 disk along with internal disks
or consider the ML370G5 which supports 16 internal drives with optional drive cage does the Sage DB have executables or xprocs? or is it purely a db
if just a db, then it doesn’t know if the db is 32 or 64 will it run on SQL2005
in either case, run 32-bit SQL on W2K3 64-bit, this is best my feeling on third party apps is that if 64-bit and SQL 2005 is not supported
something is wrong with the company
possibly the original developers have left, the original company was sold a company that specializes in milking support contracts, but with little ability to make changes
Sage will not support the SQL running on any 64bit app at all i have looked in to it. for the size of the datdbase an external drive array will be for to much hard ware i would be supprised it the database will be 10gb. also i think the SAGE will be running on the server and that is why it they will not be supporting 64bit. i am a bit dissapointed as i am having to spend an extra £1000 on windows enterprise to support the extra memory,. thanks for the info