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Hi, I have one typical requirement related to SQL server jobs. I have schedule jobs J1 running daily at 18:00 hours. Suppose user sends an request on 06,June,2005 to run it manaully through Front application.So only on 06,June,2005 job J1 should run as per user requested time but not at 18:00 hours and from next day onwards it is run as per schedule. I have to automate above process. Please provide your inputs. Thanks and Regards Ravi Kumar

You can enter two schedules for a job
Ok but how can i stop first schedule which runs at 18:00 hours daily only for that day.

Say 13 th you want to run the job at 5PM while all the other days you want it to run at 6PM so One Basic schedule on 13th One Time Schedule at 5PM
another two recurring schedules
One from some old date to 12 another schedule from 14 th to no ending date and both will have recurring time of 6 PM Yes I was wrong earlier you need 3 schedules
You can automate these jobs calling SP_ADD_JOBSCHEDULE intermittently as per the user’s requirement. Satya SKJ
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