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Has anyone here used SQL Litespeed for backups? If so, do you like it? Why or why not? I am looking at it for the compression, speed, and encryption ability it provides. Thanks, Steve
Our company has been demoing it with pretty good results. It is definitely much faster than a regular backup restore and has good compression. For example, we performed a LiteSpeed backup of a database that is around 32gb. Its normal backup size is around 24gb and backup time is around an hour or more. With LiteSpeed, it took around 3.5 minutes to backup and the file size was around 3gb! The restore took around 7 minutes. The database was fully functional. The only issues we noticed is if you do a less generic operation, i.e. instead of backing up database X and restoring it to database X, you backup database X and restore it to database Y. You use the WITH MOVE terminology. What we saw was that on restores using that terminology 1) the statistics shown on the verbose popup were really wacky – they did eventually work themselves out though and 2) the restore operation took longer than the vanila LiteSpeed restore – around 12 minutes. The company is aware of the statistics issue and said it will be corrected in a future version. They also gave me an explanation for the longer restore…although I am not completely satisfied with it. However, even the worst case scenario with their software was much speedier than base, so I think we will be purchasing the tool.
I have also been using it, and performance is much faster and file sizes are much smaller. I have not tried encryption. We have not run into any problems using it. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
Great, Thanks Brad and smaas. By the way, Brad, I found your article about it. Sounds like a very nice tool to have. I think I’ll look into the demo. Thanks, Steve