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Sql perfmon counters missing

I have Backup my database (SQL Server 2000)SP3 for Testing. I perform the following to backup and restore. I open EM and select the database, for which I want to take backup. Right click on db and select all task, select Back up database.
1)I will give the destination file name to take back up. In options, I select only remove inactive entries from trans log. In general i select backup database complete & overwrite as append to media.
and click on ok. back up is complete. 2.I conduct a load test for 500 users and then do restore of db To make sure all the connection are freed I restart the sql server, then try to restore. 3.To Restore, Right click on db and select all task, select Restore database.select restore as database, click on properties after selecting the db which i want to restore, verify the db to be restored. In Options i select force restore over existing db & leave database operational.
Then click on ok
My database is restored.
Every Time I conduct a Load Test,I Will restore my DataBase.
I am Monitoring Performance Counters by Using PERFMON.
When Ever I restore all the Performance counters related to SQL Server are not availiable for monitoring but able to get other counters.I need To restart the entire System once again to get back the counters.I restarted SQL server, but of no use. Tell me a solution so that i should not restart my system(Database Server) and want my perfmon intact when i restore the database. praveen

See http://sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=695
http://sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=403 HTH. Gaurav
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Topic 403 Gnotes doesn’t play by the rules. They manipulate the registry directly instead of using the api, and they left a few things out. Great bluescreen when trying to read the physical disk counters in 5.11. John