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Hi all, I have 2 Tables Table1 and Table 2. Both Tables1 and Table2 may or may not contain the Data.
Let us assume that the table have fields T1F1 , T1K1, T1K2 ,T1K3
(T1K1, T1K2 ,T1K3 are key fields)
Let us assume that the table have fields T2F1 , T2K1, T2K2 ,T2K3
(T2K1, T2K2 ,T2K3 are key fields) I want the output as follows(A,b ,c,d are output fields)
A = T1k1 or T2K1
B = "some text" & T2K2
c = T1F1
D = T2F1
Where T1K2 = T2K2 and T1K3 = T2K3 I just want the output even one table as data.
I have tried the inner join,left and right join. All the above joins are not satisfying all the cases. Since i am matching the only 2 key fields, some times the records are duplicating.
I need the unique combined records. Please any one help me if you have any other methods.
I do not mind even if the method is store procedure. Regards

Can you provide the information as described in this link?http://www.aspfaq.com/etiquette.asp?id=5006
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Hi, Thank you for the reply.
I am ready to provide the detailed information.
Is it possible the paste the screen shotsin forum?

Post the table structures, some sample data and expected result. Thats enough
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