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SQL Server 2000 developer edition on vista home basic 32 bit operating system

I tried to install SQL Server 2000 developer edition on vista home basic 32 bit operating system while I was installing I had error msgs like, incompatibility issues I ran over those messages and I installed SQL server 2000 developer editon succesfully and when I want to start the server using query analyzer Im getting a error message. Below is the error message.
unable to connect to server -PC:
Server:Msg17, Level16, State1
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]SQL server doesnot exist or access denied.

Can anyone help me out in solving this issue, please.
Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Varma G
Hello Ravi,
You mean you are trying to connect to the SQL Server from Query Analyzer? Because you are writing "start the server using query analyzer " I am going to go ahead and ask if you are sure the SQL Server service is running :) ?
Let’s assume it is running; can you connect if you specify to use TCP instead as in:
Or try to specify the IP-address instead of the servername (local Loopback should do fine if you are connecting locally):
Kind Regards,

hi Elisabethyes, I’m trying to start SQL server from query analyze. I did not get you about SQL server running or not?If I did not start the SQL Server where I start it and If it is already started and what should I do with this TCP and where I can see this feature. I’d created a SQL server with default instance.Can you please help me out in solving this issue, please as I’m not from computer sciences background its kind of difficult for me.Thanks & Regards,Ravi Varma G
Hello Ravi,
There are two ways in which you can start SQL Server:
– Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu and go to the Services applet. You will find a list of all services running and their Status. Right-click to start.
– Open a Command Prompt from the Start Menu and run "NET START" (without quotation marks) to get a list of all services runnning. SQL Server will show up as "MSSQLSERVER". If it doesn’t, it means it is not running. You can then type "NET START MSSQLSERVER" (without quotation marks) at the command prompt to start it.
What I meant in my last reply is that, rather than putting the name of your server (let’s say the name is MyServer) in the Server Name box when you start Query Analyzer, you can try to put any of the following:
Kind Regards,

Hi elisabeth,yeah I did install server 2000 and 2005 on my laptop they both are working….I really appreciate you for your kind response..Thanks and regards,Ravi
Did you install SP4
For your information, Microsoft has stoped support for SQL Server 2000


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