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SQL server 2000 Maintenance plan advice?

Hello, I want to activate the SQL server 2000 database maintenance plan wizard. However, I would like to know how I should configure some of the tasks. Right now, I have 16 databases and one of them is over a gig. In "Update Data Optimization Information",
– What is a data page,index page and database page?
– What does "the original amount of free space"? What was the original amount to begin with?
– What is the criteria to determine the amount of free space that there should be on a given database page?
– When should I check "Update statistics used by query optimizer"? What does it do? What criteria should I use to set the percentage of the database?
– How should I set "Remove unused space"? How big should the database be? Beyond 300, should it be 30%?
– What is the criteria to decide how much free space should routinely be maintained in any given DB? In "Databese Integrity Check",
– What are typical problems that could compromise the structural integrity of any given db?
– Where are DB integrity problems reported? (SQL Server Logs?) In "Specify the Transaction Log Backup Plan",
– What should be the transaction log backup schedule in relation to the full database backup? Other questions
– What is the difference between a MDF and an LDF database file? Why the large size difference? Does the total database size include the combined space used by both files? (database files path: C:program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLData) Thanks

With all due respect these are very many questions to be answered at one go. A good grounding on some of the basics of the SQl Server architecrural issues can be gleaned from the SQL Server Books Online and Kalen Delaney’s "Inside SQl Server 2000". You should also have a look at the many good articles on this site. I am sure it will then be easier to address any other nagging concerns you might then have about the databases in question. Nathan H.O.
For a lot of these questions, check out the free seminars at www.microsoft.com/seminars. Then buy Kalen’s book. It’s a beauty. MeanOldDBA
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… er and also review information from books for first hand information about all your doubts. Satya SKJ
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