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sql server 2000 monitoring

I am a programmer in a small company that uses sql server 2000 and visual studio.net 1.1. We will not have the sql server 2005/visual studio.net 2005 until the end of year 2006. I need to do the following general sql server 2000 notifications when: 1. Setup notifications when the disk space allocated on sql server is running out of space.
2. When there are sql server 2000 errors that need to be fixed.
3. When to update indexes to improve performance.
4. When a specific database is running out of space. I need to setup general notifications for sql server 2000 to monitor different scripts. Thus, can you give me a generic script to follow as an example and/or a url to refer to as a point of reference?
http://www.sql-server-performance.com/dbcc_commands.asp Luis Martin
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Also refer to SQL Server notification services and it is flexible and you can create your own custom components for events, delivery, etc. Licensing can found at the NS home page at www.microsoft.com/sql/ns link. Satya SKJ
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You could also, depending on budget, consider purchasing a monitoring product to handle that more automatically (costs money, but less of your time; time = money, so it could be worth it). I have no affilitation to the company, but I can say from personal experience that I use and like SQL Diagnostic Manager from Idera. It was worth every cent, and then some, in saving us developing our own monitoring techniques so we could do other things. Eschew obfuscation, whilst doggedly pursuing the reduction of complexification.