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Sql Server 2005 64 bit

Hi There I am having trouble finding out if there are any special considerations for Sql Server 2005 64 bit.
BOL is useless, basically i need to know if there are any special considerations for 64 bit , for example affinity masking, leightweight pooling, awe enabled etc setting, when configuring 2005 on a 64 bit platform. I have found BOL topics for 64 bit considerations for SSIS and RS etc, i am focussing the DB Engine. For example this is 64 bit so surely i dont need to awe enable Sql Server 2005 ? What cpu configuration should i take on 64 bit dual core 4 proc server etc. Also BOL states that there is no sql or database mail available on 64 bit, ok so how do i do notifications then ? I realise this is a broad topic, all i am really need is a good link or whitepaper on these consideration and options on installing 2005 on a 64 bit platform, but i have no luck finding one on the net, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
check this:
Thanx ranjitjain But this exactly the same kind of article i keep finding.
It does not go into any detail about server configuration and setting to consider on 64bit platforms. It is a nice overview but no detail, i a looking for something more in depth. Thanx
affinity masking should really only be used for certain types of applications, see my high call volume article.
never use light weight pooling, even if some one "shows" you that it improves performance, fix the real source and this is not necessary.
technically, AWE should not apply to 64-bit, but MS may have used the AWE settings, see slava ok’s blob
http://blogs.msdn.com/slavao/ this really is a complicated matter,
the most significant is probably the virtual address space (VAS) change.
many 32-bit implementations that made extension use of xprocs, cursors, table variables etc would encounter horrible slow down, that is very perlexing to diagnose, having no apparent cause,
this goes away with 64-bit
other items include the greatly expanded size limits for address space/memory pools that cannot use AWE memory, which is almost everything
but this can also be a problem if your app is not design properly to use cached plans anybody who about 64-bit and performance without details is probably an idiot

Thanx for the feedback Joe, i get what you are saying. I do agree on the leghtweight pooling etc , just wondered if anything changed with 64 procs. Thanx