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Sql Server 2005 – sqlaccess.dll problem

Now I installed the SQL Server 2005 & VS 2005.
I created the Sql Server project in VS 2005. But I didnot show the reference(sqlaccess.dll). How can i refer the sqlaccess.dll in sqlserver project? When i click the add references , it didnot show the sqlaccess.dll. So I am not able to create sample project. bcoz when i am creating the sample project, not able to import the namespace "Imports System.Data.SqlServer" due to not having "sqlaccess reference" Please give the solution to this problem.. Whether i need to reinstall sqlServer2005 or VS 2005? or Is there any other solution? Advance Thanks
Please post the post in relevant forums only. It seems problem with VS2005 and not a SQL2k5 related issue, may referhttp://www.codeproject.com/dotnet/CLR_in_Sql_Server_2005.asp fyi. Satya SKJ
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