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Earlier in the week I wrote about the adoption of SQL Server 2008. One of the biggest reasons that often limits the adoption of a Microsoft product is the release of the first service pack. Many companies have a policy that they will not even look at a new release until Service Pack 1 is available. Well the wait is almost over as the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2008 can be downloaded from here.
It may appear that Service Pack 1 is being released very quickly for SQL Server 2008 especially with the delay between SP2 and SP3 for SQL Server 2005. SQL Server 2005 was released in November 2005 and the first Service Pack was release about five months later in April 2006. Whereas the first Service Pack will be released over seven months after the release of SQL Server 2008. I would be interested in what your thoughts are regarding this. Does this mean that the RTM build of SQL Server 2008 was better than that of 2005?
– Peter Ward

Hello,I have installed a SQL Server 2008 on Windows 2008 Server 64bit. Server has 140GB hard disk and 6GB memory.Windows Server is running on virtual machine (VMware Server)The old Server was Windows 2003 with SQL Express.I note that Windows 2003 + SQL Express is running better than my new server.Any idea? What can I do to make better my new file server?Other question: my database is 4GB file. Can I put entire 4GB file in memory? It´s possible? How can I do it?Thanks
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