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I have installed sql on f: drive on my FTP server.I can acess this FTP server machine from my network with a given ip address for some other ftp files(not SQL) Now if I want to connect SQL query analyser of the FTP server how do I do that? If I give the ip address of that server and with default password it is not getting connected. How do I access the SQL ftp server from my network ? Thanks (moved from Analysis DW forum_
Ensure the network protols on SQL Server (FTP) is similar to the client machine.
What was the error when you’re trying to connect? Satya SKJ
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In the connection form of QA, u jsut enter name of server or IP address.B4 that, u jsut make ensure tht , ur server is in the same network tht of client machine(u can see a small button,right to text box for enterin sqlserver name) .this is the first step. if its listin ur server name there, jsut try login usin SA username and password. Rajiv

You may also want to make sure your FTP server is not running firewall software that may be preventing connections that are not on Port 21 (default FTP port).
SQL Server Query Analyzer will attempt to connect to a SQL Server on Port 1433 by default when using TCP/IP protocols.