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SQL Server Agent Alert-DB File Size across drives?

Hey folks,<br /><br />I’m currently trying to create a SQL Server Agent Alert that will send us an email when any of the database disk(s) are at &gt;= 75% of disk capacity. The problem with the built-in performance condition event alerts is that using the "_Total" instance for SQLServer<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-2.gif’ alt=’:D‘ />atabases, Data File(s) Size (KB) option won’t do – our data files, tempdb, transaction log, backup files are on different drives. Does anyone have any suggestions?<br /><br />Thanks!<br /><br />-Giorgio
I can only think of writing a SQL job which will check the size and free space of each drive, and fires off an errormessage of a specific severity or number, which then triggers an alert Cheers
Can take help from this linkhttp://vyaskn.tripod.com/track_sql_database_file_growth.htm&e=7415 to enable the monitoring alerts.# http://www.sswug.org/see/13947&e=7415 for SQL defined alerts. Satya SKJ
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