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sql server agent not start

hi when i try to start sql agent hang then mmc
i look the log and the problem is the mail profile i try remove it from the property of sql agent but this hang the mmc too can i remove this with tsql? thanks
From BOL xp_stopmail
New Information – SQL Server 2000 SP3. Stops a Microsoft® SQL Serverâ„¢ mail client session. Syntax
xp_stopmail Return Code Values
0 (success) or 1 (failure) Result Sets
xp_stopmail returns this message: Stopped SQL mail session. Remarks
If there is no existing SQL Server mail session to stop, a message is returned. Permissions
Execute permissions for xp_stopmail default to members of the db_owner fixed database role in the master database and members of the sysadmin fixed server role, but can be granted to other users. However, for security reasons, you should limit permissions for this stored procedure to members of the sysadmin fixed server role. HTH Luis Martin
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Check as referred by Luis and also SQL Server error log for more information. It may have some kind of authentication problem with Agent startup account –not sure what happened. Try to start from command prompt and see what happens when you run NET START SQLSERVERAGENT from a DOS prompt? BTW, you cannot remove this from SQL server. The account used by the SQL Server Agent is defined at the time SQL Server 2000 is installed and can be changed at any time Satya SKJ
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quote:Originally posted by r470n

when i try to start sql agent hang then mmc

Do you mean when you try to start SQL Agent, it doesn’t start? Are you trying this on the server box or from your computer? You have to have SysAdmin role to be able to start SQL Agent.