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SQL Server Agent Not Starting – Help!!

Hello… I need some help! When I attempt to start my SQL Agent I get this error:
"An Error 5 – (Access is denied) occured while performing this service operation" What’s wrong? I do not have the sa password and am wondering how to get this agent started so I can do backups. Thank you for your help!!
You need to be a SA to administer the SQL Server. In this particular case, if you are a local admin of the SQL Server box, you may be able to go to Services and manually start the SQL Server Agent. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Thank you!! I got on the box and started it manually. I am new to SQL. Thank you again!
Just my 2 cents.
If is you problem sql box administration, you must know SA password.
Luis Martin
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Got it!! Thank you for all your help!
And for further information on SQL statements and procesess refer to the books online which is a first hand help about SQL Server, most of newbie don’t know about this. Satya SKJ
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