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SQL Server as a solution

We have reports based upon an Oracle DB, that due to performance purposes are looking to move these reports to a dedicated reporting server. Can SQL Server be utilized as a possible solution?
you need to export data from oracle db to sql db.. on daily basis or whatever is the reqirment. there from SQL DB you can spool reports. (This will increase workload of oracle server only once during export.. then you can create appropriate indexs and performance tuning on sql db) –How much data you need for reports, do reports require realtime updated data.. depending on requirments different solution can be set up using SQL Server.
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There will be issues when transfering sequence in oracle as there is no sequence object in sql server One question, what is the application that you are going to run reports. if those are in software like .net you need to change those as well.

Yes, it can. Main disadvantage of mssql server architecture causing locking problems doesn’t affect reporting functionality on read only databases. I think this is still much less expensive solution.
May try using Reporting Services and in combi with SQL Server you may land in moon.
Check MS SQL Home page for further information or google it. Satya SKJ
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