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What’s the best tool avaliable in the market today for the purpose of Auditing SQL Server without adding too much of overhead on the server itself. For the past 1 month I have been evaluating couple of tools and here is my feedback, any input would be greatly appriciated:
1. Entegra by Lumigent: Great tool, but expensive
2. OMNIAudit: Trigger bases audting, which doesn’t add any value as it could be written by the DBA itself and will do the same job. Also this tool doesn’t work on a table which doesn’t have a UNIQUE key defined on them.
3. SQLAUDIT: same as OMNIAudit. Any help, any suggestion?
I personally recommend Lumigent’s entegra though its expensive compared to other products, but available with all features. And also you may checkhttp://www.lockwoodtech.com/index_lognavigator.htm for available auditing tools. Recently I’d gone thru a webcast athttp://www.microsoft.com/usa/webcasts under previous webcasts and SQL Server Security Best Practices which covers the features available for auditing using SQL server. HTH
Satya SKJ