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SQL Server Backup – 100Gb Database

We are amalgamating several databases into one large database which will be in the area of 100Gb. Does anyone have good suggestions for backup strategies? Thanks for responses.
I suggest to use 3rd party tool like SQL Backup from Red Gate. That tool can compress from 100Gb to 20Gb.
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Fast target drives and several backup files to create multiple backup threads. IMO, the number of threads for backups should not exceed 75% of the cpu count in a box (if you’ve 4 cpu’s, only use three threads). Third party software is very nice for the compression, but not a requirement for speed…
LiteSpeed will have the best backup and restore rate for properly configured disks
i am getting 600MB/sec on a dual Xeon 5150, with 2 SAS RAID controllers and 14 disks
meaning your 100GB DB should take about 3 min to backup,