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SQL Server can’t see new SAN partition …

I have SQL Server 2005 clustered on a 2 node W2K3 cluster. I recently added a 2TB partition to the SAN which is seen by the OS but cannot be seen by SQL server. I’ve already rebooted. Originally the installation was set up with a pair of quorum drives on the SAN and a 1TB partition. That partition has already filled up and I have a 1035GB MDF file. basically, I’ve got 50GB left and I’ll probably run out of space in a week. Can anyone help me figure out a solution to my problem? Appreciate any assists. Thanks!
You have added the 2TB to SAN and can be seen by the OS but 2TB added with different drive letter or expanded existing the same existing drive which has 1035GB mdf file? If you have added 2TB and assigned different drive letter then you need to add that new drive letter to sql dependency after taking sql offline until then sql can’t see the drive…
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