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Is it possiblt to span a DB to multiple machines? Can you give some good URLs explaining this in concept and if possible how to do it? Or can somebody explain it in details. Thanks in advance!
to a limited degree,
lookup federated databases in books online or on the microsoft web site
but this is really not a practical solution yet you really need to consider the cost of changing your application to federated design versus the cost of buying a big box and designing your application right

I believe ScaleUp is good solution for cost/design complaxiy/ managment as compared to ScaleOut [Federated DB].. But ScaleOut has added advantage for performance for Very Large or heavy transaction Databases. ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/udb9/html/ba529247-103e-43a1-b7b0-7ef2028e4bbd.htm SQL 2005 BOL: – Distributed partitioned views are used to implement a federation of database servers. A federation is a group of servers administered independently, but which cooperate to share the processing load of a system. Forming a federation of database servers by partitioning data is the mechanism that enables you to "scale out" a set of servers to support the processing requirements of large, multitiered Web sites.
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Look at the topic "Scalable Shared Databases" in BOL. Neat stuff but complex management/maintenance and it’s new stuff for MSCS which is not a scale-out solution but an HA one instead.