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I have been reading a lot of messages about server config and was wondering if I could get some advice on the best performance we can achieve with the hardware we have. We have been running on a 3 disk RAID 5 now for two years and have out grown it. We have recently purchased external storage (15 drive SAS). We also purchased 6 – 72Gb drives. What we had been planning on doing is setting up the external storage at follows:
2 disks with RAID 1 for the log file
4 disks with RAID 10 for the main db file.
This would leave all other db files and log files on the RAID 5, which is where our application software and os reside. Our server is a 2 processor dual core with 4GB RAM. Can somebody help us determine if this setup would help us on performance? Currently our disks are pegged a lot. We were running 2GB RAM and added another 2, which helped out, but only to buy us time. We thought that the above config would do the trick for us, but as we have been doing research on this, we are getting more confused with all the talk about whether or not we should enable/disable write cache, enable/disable read cache, use write through or write back. Should we move the tempdb, etc….
The more we read about configurations, the more hesitant we are about moving forward with our original plan. I understand that every database config will probably be a little different, but with the hardware we have and considering our DB to be transactional, what would be the best solution without having to re-do the RAID 5 and working with the hardware we have? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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