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SQL Server DB naming convention

Hi guys, Does anybody have a link to a website preferrably microsoft where I can find information about sql server db naming convention specification (best practices). Thanks in advance
I don’t have a link but it’s mainly common sense, I reckon. use sensible case – e.g. lower! Don’t use spaces. Make it meaningful. Keep it short. That kind of thing. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
I know that its just that I need an article or a link to a page to backup an arguement.
It is the accepted norm amongst developers, and probably also amongst DBAs. Anyone not belonging to either category should not have a say about any issue at this level of detail. They can have a friendlier name for the database at the presentation level, no problem, but do not let them force you to code around unacceptable requirements.
still no article to back this up…
I would have to agree with that analogy. I am only a year into all of this and even after taking the needed classes, I still feel uncomfortable informing my clients of such details. I have hired a DBA to help me with issues on the platform which is above my knowledge base at this time. (but learning more each day) the
Nothing to refer a article from MS buthttp://vyaskn.tripod.com/object_naming.htm which are deemed as best practices.
Satya SKJ
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Sorry about that, I should have mentioned, when it came time to install the schema for this site, the company I work for created a standard naming convention for their software but also changed some for the client. I haven’t seen any standardization other than keeping it simple and no spaces. the

Tried to search mcdba training material? I would expect naming conventions to be listed there.
Just link this thread, matey, show ’em what the great and the good of sql-server-performance have to say! Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB