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SQL Server doesn’t start

SQL Server on one of my local machines doesn’t start. I tried to start it from command prompt. Here is the resullts:
C:program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLBinn>sqlservr -dE:progra~1Micros~1
MSSQLDatamaster.mdf -lE:progra~1Micros~1MSSQLDatamastlog.ldf -eE:progra
2005-05-12 11:36:48.90 server Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – 8.00.818 (Intel X8
May 31 2003 16:08:15
Copyright (c) 1988-2003 Microsoft Corporation
Personal Edition on Windows NT 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4) 2005-05-12 11:36:48.93 server Copyright (C) 1988-2002 Microsoft Corporation. 2005-05-12 11:36:48.93 server All rights reserved.
2005-05-12 11:36:48.93 server Server Process ID is 1848.
2005-05-12 11:36:48.93 server Logging SQL Server messages in file ‘E:progra~
2005-05-12 11:36:49.00 server SQL Server is starting at priority class ‘norma
l'(1 CPU detected).
2005-05-12 11:36:49.45 server SQL Server configured for thread mode processin
2005-05-12 11:36:49.45 server Using dynamic lock allocation. [500] Lock Block
s, [1000] Lock Owner Blocks.
2005-05-12 11:36:49.82 spid3 Starting up database ‘master’.
2005-05-12 11:36:49.89 spid3 Error: 823, Severity: 24, State: 2.
2005-05-12 11:36:49.93 spid3 Error: 5180, Severity: 22, State: 1. What is the problem? Do I need to reinstall the SQL Server? CanadaDBA

It seems Master database files are not in place or got corrupt. You don’t need to reinstall whole SQL server indeed use rebuildm to restore master database.
Error 823 If you receive the following error message, it might indicate that Microsoft SQL Server 2000 has detected hardware or system problems when it was reading from or writing to database files:
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;828339 Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
<font color="red">Ignore this post. I didn’t noticed the date. It is from an old log.</font id="red">[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]<br />In the ErrorLog, I noticed the following line:<br /><pre id="code"><font face="courier" size="2" id="code"><br />2005-02-07 13:21:58.89 server SQL server listening on 123.456.789.89: 1433.<br /></font id="code"></pre id="code"><br />While my IP address is changed from 123.456.789.89 to 123.456.789.103. How can I fix it?<br /><br />CanadaDBA
Hi Deepak, I ran rebuildm but after few minutes of working, it says "Rebuild Master failed with error -1:" Any idea? CanadaDBA
That’s why the best practise is to take the backup of log and data file of master database once in a week.
Thanks Noor

Check: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;273572 Luis Martin
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Good guess Luis! Your link is referring to Rebuildm.exe failure when the source directory is a CD. Actually, in my case it is not a CD but it is a mapped drive. I have only C: on my local and I was going to simulate one of the servers. We use E: drive on our servers. I used SUBST E: C:E_Drive to create an E: drive. And it worked but after a some weeks I found the SQL Server cannot start on my local. Thanks,
quote:Originally posted by LuisMartin Check: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;273572 Luis Martin