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Hi Forum I am new to this Forum and SQL server, one of my friend suggested this site which covers pretty much of information required. The question is I have got Windows 2000 professional on my laptop and would like to install SQL server 2000 enterprise edition. But its not letting me and keep on saying only client-tools will be installed, which I don’t want to. Any chance of getting Enterprise edition which I can practice to take up further responsbility at my office for SQL server. Thanks in advance for your time.
Right you are in exact place what you are looking for. Basically Windows 2000 Professional is an extended version of NT4 workstation, where you cannot have server edition like Enterprise edition. Whereas it can support Personal/Developer & MSDE, which I believe not preferred by you. You can download SQL 2K Enterprise Evaluation Edtion from http://www.microsoft.com/sql] which will work for 120 days on Win2K prof. And if you need EE then you need to upgrade by purchasing licenses from MS. DO refer to books online for information.

For educational and development purposes you can install SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition. It has all the features of SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition. It can be installed on: Windows NT Workstation
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Professional
and above. You are not allowed to use Developer Edition in a production environment though. More info:
http://www.microsoft.com/sql/evaluation/overview/default.asp Developer Edition costs around $400. /Argyle
The SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition and the SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition are virtually identical when run on Workstation. If you have your original Microsoft CDs that came with Enterprise Edition, there should be two CDs (at least that is what we got). The second CD has a copy of Developer Edition on it. This is what I have loaded on my Workstations for testing.
Brad M. McGehee
Thanks for your help Satya, I shall look into the evaluation edition. Great site… great people.
You can get EE evaluation from here http://www.microsoft.com/sql] Satya SKJ