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In our Organization Oracle DBA Team, fetch the schedule report from Database which consists of :<br />1) Buffer Cache Hit Ratio <br />2) Database Growth in Last 10 Days<br />3) Invalid Objects<br />4) Chained Rows analysis<br />5) Top 10 SQL by Buffer Gets<br />6) Top 10 SQL by Physical Reads<br />7) Top 10 SQL by Executions<br /><img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-11.gif’ alt=’8)’ /> Free Space in Tablespace<br />9) Check For Max Extents Indexes<br />10) Check For Max Extents Tables<br />11) Check For Max Extents Temporary<br />12) Check For Sessions<br />13) Check For Process<br />14) Check For Locks<br />15) SGA Cache Statistics<br />16) Init parameter Statistics<br />17) Fragmentation in Tablespace<br /><br />Can you please help me to map these report with SQL Server Database?<br />How can I fetch the same kind of report from SQL Server?<br /><br />I will be grateful if you please help me.<br /><br />
you really expect us to do all of your work for you? If you ask specifc well thought out questions you are more likley to get a response. Bert
I think you will need a third party tool
But I Wonder whether there is tool which provides each and every thing
try with IDERA sql diagnostic manager and speed coefficient. review for the one prodcut is available
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Ok Fine …………
Can you give me solution of how to get the below 3 counters from SQL Server Database
1) Top 10 SQL by Buffer Gets
2) Top 10 SQL by Physical Reads
3) Top 10 SQL by Executions This is a discussion forum everybody get the knowledge not only me.
And the above mentioned counter will help every SQL DBA not only me.

You "could" use Profiler for Physical Reads and Executions. You might want to look at Quest Foglight. There isn’t a counter for "Top 10" of anything that I’m aware of. MeanOldDBA
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