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sql server phoning home ?

so my firewall is showing a hit a minute for my newly installed sql server machine trying to hit clr.microsoft.com with some prodcode in the query string.<br /><br />any idea if this is just trying to update itself or what its doing ? I cannot find reference to this behavior anywhere and its completely saturating the firewall logs with some bad noise.<br /><br />also where can I stop this behavior. We apply patching and updates on a regular basiss manually with all our equipment and this machine will NEVER be allowed to access the internet. I’m not seeing anything so far about this issue anywhere [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ />]
Not sure, but sounds a little bit odd. Have you narrowed it down to the actual process thats causing it? Are you sure its SQL Server and not the .NET framework or a component of Windows update? But the reason its odd for me, is that clr.microsoft.com doesnt even resolve
it’s specifically the .net components that came with sql server 2005. The machine was a clean windows server 2k3 and the only thing on there is everything sql server 2k5 put there. We let it out for a few minutes and indeed it was doing some updating, ok fine. We locked it back down and the messages continue every minute :
I need to find a way to cease this.
http://groups.google.co.uk/group/microsoft.public.dotnet.general/browse_frm/thread/163324c632f63e3a/1f674f8af26740e0?lnk=st&q=clr.microsoft.com&rnum=2&hl=en#1f674f8af26740e0 Youre not alone, however Ive found very little info on this.
The important thing is clr.microsoft.com doesnt resolve, so its clearly no longer a feature that should be in use
Having said that, Ive not read of any ways to disable the .net runtimes from accessing it Is it really causing a problem to just block it? Most good firewalls allow you to block certain connectins, but disable them from appearing in the log