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SQL Server startup recovery order

At startup, SQL Server performs an automatic recovery of all the databases. My question is where and how is this order specified, and can it be changed. Thanks

System databases are recovered first, then user databases, based on their database ID number. You can view the database ID number by going to the sysdatabases system table in the master database. While technically speaking you could hack into the system tables to change the recovery order, I would personally not try this, as it is not supported by Microsoft, and you could end up killing your server if you are not careful. Why do you care about the order of the automatic recover process? —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Thanks for your reply. I have services that are dependent on MSSQLServer service and it seems that even though SQL Server is up, the database is not recovered before my services are started, so the connection to the database fails. I have put in delays in my service but was wondering if the recovery order can be changed. But it seems like there is no easy or safe way to do this. I think it is an option in Sybase. Thank you