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I am a DBA (in training) at a small organization and am trying to find a way to synchronize production and development databases using Query Analyzer. Is there a way to do this?
There is no easy way to sync. the databases using query analyzer, it is time taking and you may not get accurate results. If you want to synchronize the data then DTS is the best tool to use and for the schema changes you can script the database from the environments in order to compare the database objects. RedGate has fantasitc toolhttp://www.red-gate.com/SQL_Compare.htm to accomplish the task, if the company can bear the cost on third party tools. ANd also Lockwoodtechhttp://www.sql-server-performance.com/lockwoodtech_sqldiff_spotlight.asp. Satya SKJ
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you could always restore a copy of the production database on the development server…but like Satya said, SQL compare is great. There is also SQL data compare which you can use to compare and sync data Ben
It is looking like I will need to look into one of these products. I have reviewed the SQL Compare and Data Compare and will probably recommend the purchase of a package of those if I can get the data to be convincing. Thanks for your help.