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SQL Server with 1 Gig Memory

Hi All,
im a newbie here and a newbie dba.
We have a sql server 2000 running on windows advanced server with dual processor of xeon 2.4mhz and 1gig of memory. now my problem is when i check on the task manager the remaining memory of our sql server is 30mb. sometimes querying takes some time to get the result. can someone explain to me what happend to our memory? is there a way for us to enhance the performance of our sql server? do we have to upgrade our server memory? btw, i did not design the database. we just bought a system and requires a sql server. please do help me. Bon

my understanding is that SQL server will grab on to as much memory as it can and hold on to it for as long as it can. Adding more RAM would more than likely improve performance! ‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’ – Adam Savage
RDBMS like SQL Server tend to be very memory-hungry applications. Usually the more RAM you have, the better. SQL Server in specific tends to grab almost all available memory and releases it only when other apps request it. So, you don’t see anything unusual. Can I assume you’re running Standard Edition of SQL Server 2000? If so, this version supports up to 2 GB of RAM. It might be worth considering adding another GB of RAM to your server. Take your time and read closely through BOL about memory. It covers it all. But as you say, you bought a system that uses SQL Server as the underlying database system, I would contact the vendor of that system and see what he suggests. —
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True and also ensure to continue the database consistency checks and reindexing job in order to keepup the performance. You can easily add another 1GB memory as it is cheaper now a days. Satya SKJ
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thanks for the info.
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