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SQL std on Win2k3 std

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have found so many different answers. I have a windows 2003 std server with 4gb of memory. I am running SQL server 2000 std and I would like to use more than 2gb of memory. My question is does SQL server std support more than 2gb of memory? Thanks
No – you need Enterprise Edition.
Damn. So which is better, 2005 EE or 2000 EE my app can use both.
2005 definitely. It’s far better AND (here’s the good bit) you can use standard edition of 2005, it’ll address as much RAM as the OS. The limitation to 2Gb in Std Edition exists only in 2000, not 2005.
This is a handy version comparison for 2005 http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/features/compare-features.mspx
Thanks for the info, one more question can I get SQL 2000 std to do parellel processing of quries? or is that limited as well?
i believe so, up to the standard ed limit of 4 procs. of course, for sql 2000, i recommend careful analysis of each parallel execution plan,
the general assumption should be that it is more likely to be questionable or outright negative unless proven positive. for sql sever 2005, it is mostly likely to be beneficial or at least not a negative.
i have not found a 2005 parallel plan to be broken, but it is possible for a few unusual cases to be broken