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I have an R&D box (MS 2000 Advanced Server, SQL2K Developer Edition, SP3,8GigsRAM 4 ZEON HT 1.4GHz), which I have been benchmarking some SPs against another box (MS 2000 Server, SQL2K Standard Edition, 1 Zeon 1.8GHz). I have noticed that the Developer Edition is 3x slower than my Standard Edition box. I’ve gone through alot of the Microsoft documentation and haven’t found anything dealing performance type differences that would affect me. I have heard of Developer Edition having some governors in place, from a Non-MS source. The one thing I noticed during the test was that one processor was being used on the Developer Edition box. Can anyone tell me if there is anything along this line of reasoning that would suggest that SQL2K Developer Edition is not utilizing the hardware properly?
I don’t think there are any performance differences between developer and standard edition. But, please check the processor tab under server properties to see if the server is set to use 1 CPU instead of all 4.
certain operations can have serious performance problems with HT enabled
try OPTION (MAXDOP 1) if the execution plan shows parallel plan.
also, with non-parallel plans, a single query will only run a single proc, so if you are testing individual queries, the faster cpu will run better
in particular, an insert test may run faster on a single cpu HT enabled system than a 2-4 cpu HT enabled system
True for more details refer thruhttp://www.microsoft.com/sql/msde/default.asp link. _________
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